Friday, February 11, 2011

How Will I tell Google AdSense that blogger site that I have is mine

I recently tried to sign in to AdSense for my blog site.  I was denied by AdSense team for the following reasons.

- Your website must be your own top-level domain ( and not
- You must provide accurate personal information with your application
that matches the information on your domain registration.
- Your website must contain substantial, original content.
- Your site must comply with Google AdSense program policies:" which include Google's webmaster
quality guidelines:

If your site satisfies the above criteria in the future, please resubmit
your application and we'll review it as soon as possible
How do I communicate with this people. They sit in one chamber is decide the reason. I mean how can I say blogger belongs to me. How can I tell them that the information I have given is mine. Whom to interact with.
they say AdSense is a million dollar business. How?. Whole google runs on that they say. Is this the way they treat the people who want to interact with their service. 
I am getting truly, a feeling that some thing is not right somewhere. But then hey, they are trying to build something.
Forgive and forget.