Friday, February 5, 2010

Install Windows 7 from USB Drive

image HI, I recently got in to a situation where I had to install the Windows 7 from USB Drive. I went and searched in the internet. All I got from the internet was bunch of information which were all user unfriendly. Creating the partition in dos mode and all that.

Well this one looked very simple. I lost the page, as I had to restart the machine through the procedure. Any I thought I will blog it. So that people could use that in the future.

First You need to download the tool called Windows USB/DVD download tool.

You could Bing it and get the tool. Once downloaded. You have to install the program. It will create a shortcut in the Desktop. open the program using the shortcut and click according to the instructions in the screen. Show the path to the .ISO image and follow the screen instructions.

I wrote all of these above things, just to guide you to the tool. The process is very simple. Hope some body finds this tool helpful.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review about the movie ElizabethTown

If you feel like watching some mysterious movie. I mean this wont be a mysterious movie. It is a nice romance movie. Something that will set your mood right. I felt that you could loose your self in this movie.

The movie has a slight touch of Amelia. I dont know whether I said it right. But hopefully the movie name is Amelia itself. I love this movie ElizabethTown. It has the village movie touch and, the other movie. I forgot the movie name. Yes, the movie: In to the wild. I always wanted to see this movie. I could not get hold of the DVD in here. I am right now in Dubai by the way. I saw the movie: In to the wild, when I was in Cochin.

I loved that movie. May be the movies pitch, to loose yourself in wild. To get away from the Urban for some time and live in the wild for some time with out touching anything that is man human.

I loved this movie. I actually, watched the movie in VCD, I did not feel that movie, big enough to be watched on DVD. Now that I know, that it is good. I have plans to watch it again in DVD.

Spiderman heroin, proves in this movie that she is very much worth the story. Now, I understand, it is not the actress that is wrong in Spiderman, but something about the movie story is jinxing her character in Spiderman. Enough for now.

I would say, It wont be complete waste of time watching this movie, It has a message in it.