Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Two new Operating System Lined up by Microsoft for Cute Hearts

All I know about this Operating Systems is that, they are some kind of fun filled pots. I mean both looks real nice: 1. Barrelfish 2. Helios.


Christ only know what is in store. I hope some thing that shakes the Industry.


Hope to see some energy flowing in the right direction like Windows.

International Movie in India cost about 12 times the normal movie price and they say do not pirate.



What more I have to say more than the above words. The movie industry says, do not pirate and charge 12times the price of the ticket. What kind of fun do they get out of doing it. One word: Merciless.

And about the Audio industry, you can hardly find an International Album from a single singer for below 8$ in India. That is way ahead of the Normal purchase price of the Audio in our country and they expect not to pirate.

What kind of message they want to send to Indian People. We are hear to push you down with all our heavy bills, want to take it, take it or Just leave.

Again one word here: Merciless.

Americans would be in far better position as they don't have to purchase the whole album, with Apple in there, they can opt for one song purchase. Think about people in India, Amazon wont sell the mp3 anywhere outside US. What is the rest of the world supposed to do. It is scary. So scary that big companies like Universal and Sony just don't care.

Thought I would express my views. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

English Movies in India is very costly.

HI, If anybody has noticed, the movies in India, I mean English movies in India is very costly. I mostly watch English movies. I like them more, because, I feel I am more like them. I watch local movies too.


I buy local movies which are about 30 to 40 RS in price, but when it comes to English movies. The price goes sky high. Jesus, you wont be able to see all of them, as the those movies wont come to India. Okay you miss it, them you try to purchase the DVD it is 12 times the price of a normal movie.

Nobody complains, actually nobody can, those Sony big shot. All they know is kill the consumer with the heavy price tag.

I is natural that kids download the movies form the internet for free. The reason is, people cannot afford those huge price tags, these multinational companies place on the cd.

No more to say, that, cruelty do exist.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaspersky does not have good Customer Support,Please be aware of this fact before you purchase it. Once you change your computer, you are done. It is tough to shift your license.



If you ask me the opinion on which are the best Antivirus. Personally, I feel Kaspersky and Norton are good. I think other programs out there might be cool too.

Why I gave that heading, you might be thinking. Well, I recently changed the computer on which the license was there. I thought I would try to install and get the license transferred to my new computer. Guess what the server screamed at me and I was blacklisted and the hard earned money which I gave for purchasing the License.


I contacted the customer support. I am in India, the kaspersky was purchased from EBay US. They asked me to consult the US Kaspersky customer support. I have no clue where and what it is. If I make a call from my home, it would cost me more than the License itself.

I called them again, the result they said, I have to send the purchase details. I waited for one week, I did not get any kind of response. I called them after one week and asked them about the mail. They said, they would rectify it in the evening and everything will be alright. I waited for one night. Nothing happened. After three days, I removed Kaspersky and installed Norton. I knew Norton had support.

Thank you for the Customer support. I have switched to Norton and Norton is running quietly in my computer.