Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kaspersky Internet Security


Recently I had security issues in my computer and I tried many antivirus software's including many big shot companies. To my surprise non of them really protected my computer. It made me feel really bad and I thought, oh God would I have to switch to miserable state of Linux.

It is like I have no issues against  Linux, but I am just not comfortable with it. I am not totally in control when Linux is concerned. There might be people who stand against me, in the case of Linux. I have only one thing to say to those people, best comes out of hard work and that one needs payment. One way of the other way some body has to pay for it.

What I was saying was that I happen to use Kaspersky, and  my machine became usable. Totally secure, that is what I felt. Thank you Eugene Kaspersky for making such a terrific product. I feel that everybody who uses windows should be given this product as gift to keep them secure.

For purchasing Kaspersky I would prefer you people check out eBay, price grabber or Amazon. The company site is mercilessly costly. Or may be your local dealer, they could supply Kaspersky for a cheaper price.

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