Sunday, January 25, 2009




I recently had the feeling of learning PHP. It was really a cool language. Only that, I was curious about what was happening in that area. I wanted to fork my concentration to some thing new.

PHP, an awesome language, only that, you hardly get any forums in the internet to help you grow. You can find videos saying this and that. But hardly find some cool community to develop or grow out of sharing.


XAMP is the virtual testing zone of PHP. you know running in the local host thing. XAMP installs Apache and MySQL out of the box.

You get a local host, where you can test the pages created offline. This could be helpful. if you get stuck, when the internet connection is lost.

I am not presenting Screen shots. It is dead easy to install, Only confusing situation is, when it will warn you, the program will install not in the program files in vista. this warning you can ignore as, the developers have made it safe. It will install in a folder outside the program files.


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