Saturday, September 26, 2009

English Movies in India is very costly.

HI, If anybody has noticed, the movies in India, I mean English movies in India is very costly. I mostly watch English movies. I like them more, because, I feel I am more like them. I watch local movies too.


I buy local movies which are about 30 to 40 RS in price, but when it comes to English movies. The price goes sky high. Jesus, you wont be able to see all of them, as the those movies wont come to India. Okay you miss it, them you try to purchase the DVD it is 12 times the price of a normal movie.

Nobody complains, actually nobody can, those Sony big shot. All they know is kill the consumer with the heavy price tag.

I is natural that kids download the movies form the internet for free. The reason is, people cannot afford those huge price tags, these multinational companies place on the cd.

No more to say, that, cruelty do exist.

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