Saturday, January 23, 2010

How advertisement companies has made the internet a cheap place to reside

The quality of the product is not important. But the quantity of the product is more valid.

This is how the product is surveyed in Google. For instance all the pages which have some advertisement links written over it. The ads that support it. There are thousands waiting every month for the pay that come form advertisement links . The product which they provide over the internet is visually represent able over the internet. It is a big question. Most likely you loose the value of the product when something that is cheaper is available but does the work, more like the like a cheaper product, but almost does the work.

When you see some pages in the internet, you feel that, yes the internet has become a Childs play. A place where any body can write anything that comes to the mouth and the some advertisement company pay for the traffic to that page.

There is other ridiculous theory, pay to click. There are other wonderful sites, which pay the customer to click on the links provided in the website. The number of times you need to earn 1$, is the most funniest factor in the picture. You need to click 10000 times to 100 times in order to earn 1$. You wont get the chance to click on a single day, but in a day you get the chance to click for about 15 to 25, that happens only to premium members.  If you are a regular customer, one thing is for sure, you will end up clicking 100 clicks in order to earn 1$.

Wonder, why internet has become the most cheapest place in the world. It is like, they have given everybody in the world a tool to design and place a page, which might look as half baked and as immature and they present themselves in the internet.


It is visually embarrassing situation. The legitimate designers and programmers find themselves in a place where they have to fight this people every days. Should the page design be controlled or the quality be controlled. The question is out there.

May be over a period of time, the immature once will fall back, as the real bright once come up over the internet.

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