Sunday, January 3, 2010

Win Utilities 9.34 immensely rich tool to make your computer faster

I came to know about this product from the site I used this product for once in my computer and I really loved it.

The specialty is the program is not heavy, it does not give system load. It works the way you want it to work (in my case, clean up the junk files in fastest possible way). And on the top of it, it has scheduled cleaning added to it, so, when I am not home or out , I can make the program do the system cleaning at a particular time.

The latest version is 9.34 which has loads of features added to it. It is loaded with other features which any body would fall for.

One of the features is Auto shutdown. That program Auto Shutdown is one program which I use to search in the internet for hours.


This part of it will allow you to shut down your computer at a particular time. Now you don’t have to search for another Auto shutdown program. No more additional installation or more programs.

Then there is this file splitter,


Registry Backup and Restore:


Privacy Protection Area:



Optimize and Improve (This part is more useful for me):


Clean Up and Repair:


Most of the time You will end up installing different programs forv different purposes, this program comes with so many features loaded up.

Installing and the use this feather weight program is like using task manager in Windows. You wont have to run around searching control panel to uninstall the programs, check if the short cut in the desktop is useful or not.

All this features in one programs. And I loved having one for myself.

Visited the site recently for seeing the version now in the download, found the one now available for download to be 9.34.

If any body want a program to keep their computer fast and easily working. This would be a nice option.

I have used many other programs which claim to do what they do and just makes us feel that, the programmer did not quite come up to the mark. When I used this programs, I felt the programmer has done a lot to make this program work to what it claims.

Hope this program would be an asset to the people who want their computer to run faster.

This is the link to the site for trial download of their product:

This is the Minimum Requirement of your computer for installation:


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